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Anadolu Medical Center, Istanbul, Turkey

In Affiliation With John Hopkins Medicine


Anadolu Medical Center is a state-of-the art, multispecialty, acute care hospital with an outpatient clinic in the very heart of Istanbul. It was established by the Anadolu Foundation in 2005 and has unique affiliation with the globally recognized Johns Hopkins Medicine USA. The Center’s affiliation with the Johns Hopkins Medicine USA positions the Center on the level with the best hospitals in the world.  This affiliation provides continuous access to the latest innovations, unmatched expertise, and technological advancements. This affiliation allows its staff an opportunity to continuously improve their skills, knowledge, and training to ensure outstanding care and top-notch expertise.

Anadolu Medical Center has held Joint Commission International accreditation since 2005.

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What sets Anadolu apart?

  • Impeccable coordination and logistics before, during and after the required procedure
  • First-world facilities and operating rooms equipped with advanced technology
  • Companionship and guidance of bilingual professionals
  • “Diagnosis can be made within 48- 72 hours” and the treatment can start right away without going on any waitlists
  • Continuous Improvements on Patient Experience
  • Single roof hospital architecture; all diagnostic and treatment procedures can be performed under one roof
  • Transparency in treatment and financial processes
  • Boutique services for each and every patient.
  • A team of 175 international services services at the services of foreign patients, providing language assistance in 18 languages.

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Anadolu's Commitment to Quality

Anadolu Medical Center has adopted a philosophy….

Awards & Recognitions

European Society for Medical Oncology

European Association of Caner Institutes

Joint Commission International Quality Approval

Planetree Gold Certification

International Accreditation System for Interventional Oncology Services

Procedures offered

We’ve hand selected the very best doctors at Anadolu Medical Center. You’ll work with your Aphora Care Navigator to choose the perfect one for you.

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About Turkey

Turkey remains a preferred destination for tourists due to its rich natural and historical attractions. Notably, significant investments in the healthcare sector have sparked a surge in health tourism in the country. Numerous hospitals in Turkey have received validation for their service quality from globally recognized accreditation organizations. Over 50 clinics in Turkey hold accreditation from the Joint Commission International (JCI). The commitment to rigorous health education and the training of top-tier students has elevated the quality of medical professionals, positioning Turkey as one of the most adept nations in healthcare. The inherent hospitality and warmth of the Turkish people ensure that visitors from abroad experience unparalleled comfort and convenience upon their arrival. Health tourism in Turkey encompasses airport transfers, hotel accommodations, personalized interpreter services, and various other amenities. Foreign patients benefit from swift access to medical services without lengthy waiting times. Visa procedures for medical tourism in Turkey are generally quick and uncomplicated for most nations. Notably, the cost of medical tourism in Turkey is remarkably affordable, allowing individuals to receive comparable healthcare services as in their home country while enjoying a pleasant holiday at a fraction of the cost.

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Joint Commission International Accreditation

Anadolu Medical Center has held Joint Commission International accreditation since 2005.  Anadolu has set new standards, raising the bar with their ongoing accreditation achievements.  JCI accreditation is considered the gold standard in global health care and the author and evaluator of the most rigorous international standards in quality and patient safety.  JCI certifies, Anadolu Medical Center, meets all the external evaluation systems and the clear commitment to improve quality of care, ensure a safe environment and work systematically to achieve a better organization for patients and professionals. 

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