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Aphora Health™


Elevate your career with Aphora.

Want to be part of a dynamic team of mission driven, experienced healthcare leaders focused on improving access and affordability to healthcare? As part of our team, you’ll have the opportunity for continued growth and learning as we value the personal and professional development of our people – our strongest asset.

Come be a part of the Aphora team!

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What makes us a great place to work?

Aphora is a company that cares about its employees and those we serve, providing an environment of trust, innovation, and collaboration as we share a goal of improving healthcare equity. At Aphora, you can take pride in your work as you have the opportunity to make a real difference for our company and those we serve.

Growth Opportunities

As a growing company, opportunities for learning and skill development are many and we foster an environment of continuous learning that can result in advancement for our team members.

Collaborative and Flexible Work Culture

The involvement and engagement of our entire team together is what makes the Aphora experience different. We are a creative, forward-thinking group that values input from everyone combined with a flexible approach to your desired work style.

Diverse Work Portfolio

As a growing company with international focus, the exposures and projects at Aphora allow team members a wide breadth of work experiences with members, providers, and vendor partners that is challenging and rewarding!

Employee Engagement

Being enthusiastic about your work and company is key to a strong, engaged team at Aphora. Our employees are empowered to take action, not just direction, and the results speak for themselves!

Focus on learning

Continuous learning is the quest of every good leader and an ongoing development of skills through varied experiences is what Aphora offers its team members. Through both formal and informal learning, Aphora members develop abilities that help them advance the company and their careers.


We live in a dynamic, ever-changing world powered by innovation. At Aphora, we believe in fostering innovative thoughts and ideas as key to growing our business and serving our customers. Ideas power change and change powers innovation!

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