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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does healthcare quality in other countries compare to the US?

The Aphora network of international providers is comprised of facilities and practitioners that have achieved and maintain the highest levels of quality in their respective fields.  All of our partner facilities are accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI).

  1. Is international travel for healthcare safe?

All travel arrangements are made by our Care Navigators which includes coordination of all travel documentation requirements, air, hotel and ground transportation for you and a companion.  Aphora clients receive door-to-door travel escort service from licensed and reputable companies.  In addition, our network is developed with a focus on travel safety and through ongoing monitoring, only designations that are deemed safe for international travel are selected for our clients.   

  1. Can I choose my healthcare destination? 

The Aphora network facilities are located in many desirable travel destinations around the world.  Not all services are available in all contracted facilities, so we will match your healthcare needs and destination preferences with our network providers and present those options to you for consideration.  Often, you will have more than one facility/destination from which to choose.   

  1. What about care after the surgery?  Where and how is that provided?

Most post-operative care will be provided by the facilities and providers you select.  Upon your return to the US, your Care Navigator will coordinate with appropriate providers to ensure any needed care will be addressed.  Your Aphora Care Navigator is there to assist you with any health care services before and after your procedure.   

  1. Does Aphora have facilities that provide cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dental services abroad?

Yes, many of our network facilities provide cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dental services at significantly more affordable rates compared to the US and our Aphora services extend to those procedures as well. Just complete the contact form available on the Get Started tab on our home page to speak with a Care Navigator for more information.

  1. What out of pocket cost should I expect to incur when receiving care internationally?

Aphora clients will pay for services received at a significantly lower cost compared to the US. Airfare, lodging, and ground transportation costs will be coordinated and included in the Aphora quote for you and a companion.  You will be responsible for meals and other incidentals expenses.

  1. Will I have an opportunity to learn about my healthcare facility options, providers and destinations before making a final decision on care?

Yes, detailed information about the facilities and providers is available on the Aphora website including information about the quality, safety and patient experience ratings of the facility and its staff. 

  1. If I want to extend my stay in my chosen destination, can I do that?

Yes, some of our patients may choose to extend their stay at a selected destination. While those additional days are at the client’s expense, our travel agency can assist in making your travel arrangements to include that extended stay.   

  1. How do I obtain my medical records for my international service?

Aphora will coordinate with your medical facility for you to obtain your confidential medical records when needed and have them sent directly to you.