Aphora Health™

Aphora Health™

Making high quality healthcare more accessible and affordable for you.

The care you need at a price you can afford.

With Aphora Health, we help break down the cost barrier to receiving needed and desired health care services. Each Aphora solution is designed to address high-cost services that typically carry high out of pocket costs for you. We even have a solution to make services often not covered by your health care plan within reach.

How it works

3 Distinct Solutions

Benefits for Health Plan Members

Cost Savings

Significantly lower out of pocket costs for the healthcare services you need and desire.

Travel Support

Paid hotel, airfare, and ground transportation for you and a companion to the global healthcare facility included in your package. VISA service, if required, and all travel arrangements made by Aphora Health.


Travel health insurance policy for your companion while out of country for unforeseen medical needs that may arise.

Top Quality Facilities and Providers

Care from top-grade facilities and doctors with Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation and outcomes that meet or exceed top US hospitals.

Meet Your Surgeon

Virtual visit with your chosen surgeon prior to your trip to establish a doctor/patient relationship that contributes to the best experience and medical outcomes for you.

Care Navigator

Your personal Care Navigator handles care coordination with your chosen provider and arranges all travel and logistics for you and your companion. The Aphora Care Navigator is with you every step of your care journey.

Provider Credentials

At Aphora, we select only top-quality facilities and providers, many of which are world renowned in their areas of medicine. We share information to help you get to know our providers so you can make an informed decision.

Care Continuity and Support

Your Care Navigator support continues after you return home making sure your discharge plan is followed and serving as a resource for other needs that may arise.

Tools and Technology for Aphora Staff Supporting Patient Safety

How does Aphora make sure travel is SAFE? 

The Aphora Health solution includes a hyper-focused emphasis on safety for our clients and their traveling companion.  We select destinations that are safe for travelers and monitor the travel safety constantly through real-time, state of the art tools and resources.  Even more importantly, our Care Navigators in coordination with an experienced travel services firm develop itineraries that include escorted, door to door transportation as well as lodging in some of the most desirable and convenient areas where our contracted facilities are located.   Aphora clients trust the experience of the Aphora team to arrange all travel needs – a key component of the Aphora difference. 

Provider Directory

Review profiles of preferred doctors and hospitals to find the best match, view their contact details and locate the office

Medicine Equivalent Tool

Find country-specific equivalents for prescription and over-the-counter medications

Medical Term Translations

Translation tool for common healthcare terms and phrases

News and Safety Information

Receive push notifications and alerts detailing the latest security and health issues based on user’s location. You can also view country or city profiles on crime, terrorism and natural disasters

Resources and Documents

Request customized pre-reports of recommended providers, specialists and facilities in specific destinations based on your needs

Procedures Offered

The procedures and medications available through Aphora Health provide high quality, lower cost alternatives for you.

Our Network Of Global Facilities - Surgery/Medical

Our Network Of Global Facilities - Cosmetic

Our Network Of Global Facilities - Dental

Our Network Of Global Facilities - Reproductive Health

Our Network Of Global Facilities - Reproductive Health

Our Network Of Global Facilities - Reproductive Health

Our Network Of Global Facilities - Reproductive Health

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