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Former Healthcare Executives Launch Aphora Health to Bring Global Healthcare to US Markets

 CARY, NC – Dec. 5, 2023 –– Aphora Health, a global healthcare services company, has officially launched its services and offerings to the US market. Founded by executives with decades of experience from the health insurance and healthcare provider sectors, Aphora Health brings global healthcare access to individuals, employers and health plan members through its network of accredited healthcare providers, with a clinically focused, high-touch customer service model, at a fraction of the typical cost. 

The company began operations in November by offering its services to consumers who pay out-of-pocket for healthcare needs such as cosmetic surgery. Individuals can now access the Aphora Health surgical and cosmetic services, with dental offerings in the near future. The company plans to add services for employers and their health plan members in 2024 to include savings on surgery, high-cost prescription drugs, and cosmetic procedures. 

The number of Americans receiving international healthcare has been growing rapidly for years and Aphora Health is poised to build on this momentum and normalize global healthcare for US consumers. By using Aphora Health’s services, consumers can experience cost savings for surgical and cosmetic procedures ranging from 30-40% compared to US costs. 

“Our team has a collective passion to deliver top-quality healthcare services at a significantly lower cost,” said Aphora Health Founder and CEO Jim Song. “Everyone knows how expensive the US healthcare system has become, and that accessing affordable, quality care can be a serious challenge for many. In fact, one in five Americans have accumulated significant medical debt. We are proud to offer consumers a different and better way.” 

Aphora Health’s select providers are Joint Commission International (JCI) certified and deliver quality, safety, and satisfaction standards that meet – and often exceed – the standards of top US healthcare organizations. Aphora Health is currently partnered with hospitals in Costa Rica and Thailand, with many more hospitals and locations to be added soon. 

“We’ve built a great team of people who are focused on making our services affordable, high-quality, safe and simple – what we call the Aphora Difference,” said Aphora Health co-founder and EVP, John Roos. “From the initial consultation to your surgery day to your safe return home, our team is by your side through each step of your healthcare journey.” 

To learn more and start your destination healthcare journey today, visit www.aphorahealth.com. 

About Aphora Health 

Healthcare beyond boundaries. 

Based in Cary, NC, Aphora Health is a global healthcare services company created by a group of executives with decades of experience in the healthcare provider and health insurance sectors who are deeply committed to improving people’s lives. The company’s goal is to improve health equity and lower costs by bringing global healthcare to US markets. Learn more by visiting www.aphorahealth.com. 

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